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Welcome to the Humans vs. Zombies wiki!

The HvZ wiki is a resource for moderators who are organizing games of Humans vs. Zombies, as well as people who just want more information on the history of the game and how it is played.

This resource is hosted by Gnarwhal Studios and maintained by people like you.


Editing the wiki

We require visitors to make an account before they edit the HvZ wiki. Click "Log in/Create Account" on the upper right corner to create your account and begin editing.

If you have a question about the Humans vs. Zombies that is not answered by the wiki, you can post it on the HvZ forums.


Information in the HvZ wiki is sorted into four main directories:

The Game Directory

Active games of Humans vs. Zombies from all over the world. Please help us document HvZ history by adding your game to the list and filling in some basic details!

The Alternate Rules Directory

Alternate Humans vs. Zombies rules used at games all around the world.

The Mission Directory

The best Humans vs. Zombies missions from around the world. Missions are sorted into five types:

The Plot Directory

Many games of HvZ follow a storyline with an opening mission, a closing mission, and non-player characters. You can see the best HvZ story lines in the plot directory.

The HvZ Game Guide

Since the HvZ wiki has become the official repository for alternate rules, missions, and plots, we have merged the HvZ Game Guide (formerly the Dungeon Masters' Guide or the DMG) with the Wiki.

The HvZ Game Guide is a comprehensive how-to manual for people thinking of starting their own games of Humans vs. Zombies.

Please note: Since the Game Guide is an important resource, it is currently protected, and only administrators can edit those pages. We welcome your changes and suggestions on the "discussion" pages.

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