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Writing a Plot

Making a story for your game of HvZ is entirely optional, but brings the game to a whole new level for some players. For the moderators, this is usually a fun, creative part of planning a game.
Games at Goucher College have featured a meteor infested with alien microbes that transform students into zombies. At UMass, students battled "LazarusCorp," a crooked mega-corporation running experiments on campus. Other schools have played with stories which feature secret government agencies and ancient Indian curses.
There are games played around the world that are based on traditional plots and nontraditional plots. The decision is left for you to decide which way your game with twist!

Using a Plot

Having a plot gives you some fun creative twists for your missions. At Goucher, the President of the School participated in the opening mission last as a non-playing character (or NPC). Adding "flavor" elements such as props gives players a thrill and allowss them to become more interested in the game; make the humans recover a briefcase of evidence, or build a transmitter tower out of cardboard.
Place plot events on your calendar and tie major events to missions. Don't forget to give your players a resolution to the plot - your story needs an ending, even when the zombies win.

Time to get creative and tell a story!

For a list of some of the best Humans vs. Zombies plots, take a peek at the Traditional plots and Nontraditional plots sections.
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