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A Non-Player Character is a character within the game who is not played by a registered player but by a moderator or non-player. NPCs are typically used in missions.

Use In The Game

NPCs are typically used in missions, but are often used to add a theatrical element to both the mission and the overall plot of the game. Many games use school officials, while other use recurring characters to continue plots. Often NPCs and Special Zombies or Special Humans are used by moderators to further develop their game.

Example NPCs

  • Extras: Used in a similar way that films do, the effect created is one of numbers. Very effective for creating a sense of fear with zombie extras.
  • The Professional: Can be used as a role of authority or knowledge.
  • First Victim: Sometimes moderators want to have the players see the first human death and zombie rebirth and use an NPC to scare and demonstrate the game as it starts.
  • Military: A lot of games use the fear of a military invasion after a zombie outbreak and have NPCs act as military officials sent from the government.
  • cookies
  • Medics: Can be used to create an environment of safety and healing when games get crazy. Sometimes they even have rewards for humans that help heal/protect from zombies.
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